The following is an interpretation of the Denderah Zodiac in graphic form. Each icon has a "book" to describe its meaning. (Allow time for download.)


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Precessional Wisdom in the Denderah Zodiac, an essay by Siloam Ramesses

Hathor speaks with the voice of Seshat


The following is an interpretation of the Denderah Zodiac in celestial form. Each constellation has a "book" to describe its meaning.


References: The Stars, H. A. Rey
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Precessional Wisdom in the Denderah Zodiac, an essay by Siloam Ramesses

To decipher the ceiling monument in the Osiris Chapel of the Temple to Hathor at Denderah, it is necessary to understand the journey of Theseus. Leave a thread as you enter the maze. Should you get lost, follow the thread back out.

Start at the breast of Earth Mother, Tiamet, proceed through the right front paw of the jackal (Anubis) and use his adse to plow the furrow of Maat, going around in three and a half loops. Never repeat an icon, although crossings are interesting, and always go in the direction the icon faces. This is the direction opposite the Asiatic wisdom of astrology. This way is the direction of the path of the sun through the millennia. It is the precessional way, and it is the way of the Creator. As the spiral picks up the zodiac constellations, it tells the story of life. Here is a hint. It is left up to you to find the appropriate celestial houses.

. . . . .

I Feel / I Think / I Have / I Am / I Believe / I Know /
I Use / I See / I Desire / I Balance / I Analyze / I Will

. . . . .

There are four rings in the composition. They are earth, water, air, and fire. Learn these four rings and the meanings of each icon, and your journey will be eternal. A fifth area of importance is the light of Horus. As the hawk on his stalk, he represents the ultimate truth about time and the way of the child of the Heliopolitan nome. His area is the subject of each book represented by each icon. The top and the bottom of the cosmos are represented as the new Aeon and the destination. Find these, and the man and beast will be joined in cosmic wisdom.

The cat and the man with their scepters of flint are heading on a different way. They passed through the judgement hall of Ra. Look carefully at the balance and you will see what is being judged, and what the two possible outcomes may be. Lest you be sacrificed a second time to be reborn of the Earth Mother, it is best to be born of the Virgin and end the cycles of time, which are the habits of the unconscious. When you can analyze this spiral, you will reach the kingdom to come, with abundance and freedom like the cat (Bastet) and the wise man from the east. They followed the star, which they saw in the east, and it went before them, till it came and stood over where the young child was.

The first known written reference to this maze was presented to Snefru (4th Dynasty) before the Great Pyramid of Khufu was constructed (circa. 2450 BC). It is in the papyrus by Nefer-rohu, that wise man of the east, who belonged to Bastet at her appearance with the child of the Heliopolitan nome, as he brooded over what was to happen in the land when the Asiatics would move about with their strong arms, would disturb the hearts of those at the harvest, and would take away the spans of cattle at the plowing in the furrow of Maat. Nefer-rohu speaks of the moment after the harvest when he ends his papyrus with the words, "The learned man will pour out water for me, when he sees what I have spoken come to pass."

Therefore, as you journey around the spiral, look for a learned man with water to pour, and see if the words of Nefer-rohu have come to pass. When you see the opening of the maze, you will cry like a baby, because you will no longer be lost within its spirals.

If you are too curious to find your own way, there are two paths described in a hidden html. The first path is led by the Cocky Man. Along this path before the cock crows, the child of the Heliopolitan nome will be denied three times by a voice crying in the wilderness. The second path is led by Bastet and the wise man from the east. Along this route innocence is sacrificed and the child of the Heliopolitan nome will be denied three times before the cock crows twice. But when they saw the star of the child, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.

The link to the hidden html is within each of us to find. Search within, and when the wise man within you is equal to the wise man before you, then your mouse may follow Bastet. Beyond the hidden door a child awaits to visit with a king. The child is both male and female, for the child is the source and destination of truth. Look first for the path of truth, and all the secrets of Egypt and Asia will be declared before you in the conscious Eye of Horus, before the experienced Eye of Osiris and behind the creative Eye of Ra.

Good luck my friend.

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