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Last Update   09/20/2002

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Electronics basics
A Tutor of electronic components and common usage.

MIT Guide to Lock picking
A "How-To" guide describing the basic principles of lock picking.

Identifying the Plastic for Plastic Repair

Bloody Bill Clinton
The exploits of an American President

The Bacon Manuscript
a mystirious13th century English philosopher/magician Roger Bacon


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Software, Hardware, Theory

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Unusual Guide to Chicago

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Dreams, Emotional Intelligence

book of shadows

Home Movies
I got a WebCam and a BABY!
     Yes, but is it ART?
(small web space means few movies)

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These are the pictures I've collected over the years. Some are stored remotely.

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Apple MOV files really suck, but I can't find a converter program for free (Apples is like that).

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and very happy!