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Computer Knowledge

=====Software =====

Modular Design & Programming & PDL
An explanation of PDL (program design language). (needs work).

Object Programming VB
Using OOP practices in Visual Basic

Software Design and Development by Steve McConnell
An interview done in Dr. Dobb's Journal

Hungarian Notation for VB
Conventions for naming variables and objects.

Essential Perl
A good foundation in the PERL language

Essential C
A good foundation in the C++ language

Calculating the "Great Circle"
Converting latitude and longitude into distance.

ASP Tutorial

Active Server Pages
by Mohammed Saleh January 6

SQL Tutorial
by Mohammed Saleh January 8

Hidden tricks in Office 97
Programs by Curilov Sergej March 16

Easter Egg Treats

logo sys animation
Startup screen animation techniques.

PWS links

PLC Prog Tips.htm

HTML oriented:
Index into HTML
Flash Design
HTML page developers
I hate JAVA


Sami Snunu's

Disk Copy-guarding
A paper on techniques for locking floppy disks.


Strategic Security Intelligence


Streaming media

Thinking Computers
Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems
An overview of what it means.

The nPhaze Boys Research Page

and very happy!