New Junk

This will be the “NEW” index page into my “Old” junk…

My home cam. (Am I home now?)
I used to worry about people invading my private property. I used   to have/use an AIPTEK HyperVcam webcam to click a pictures every 60 seconds and upload them to my website. The page ran a simple Flash/JavaScript that would compare
the any changes in the current upload to the last image that did have change. If there wasn’t any change, nothing was happening, the Boop picture showed… This is the loading page…

  Album             My current movies and/or photos.
I tried to maintain a current video album of my young daughter. It didn’t take long to realize NOBODY was looking…

  Experiments      Questions that I try to answer.
Yeah, this is the kinda’ stuff I was working towards. I enjoy going off on many tangents. The only problem is that most of this stuff was swiped   🙁

  Places                Places in the world to note.

  Library              A collection of documents and images.

  Files                   For Free Download.

  Job                       Job and experience. I am a millwright specializing in boilers and air compressors.


Dreamhost used to offer a guestbook add-on. A public notice billboard to all to post. I wonder if there is a need for this today?

Do I really want my facebook page made public?

I do / did have a myspace…

Do I really want my myspace page made public?
Well, I just disconnected from everybody – So I guess there’s no harm now?